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ro9236 260x195 58th National Film Awards List Hyderabad Daily News

Here’s the list of winners

Best Film: ‘Adaminte Makan Abu’
Best Hindi Feature Film: Do Dooni Chaar
Best ‘Wholesome Entertainer of the Year’ : Dabangg
Best Sports Film National Award: ‘Boxing Ladies’
Best sci & tech film: Heart to Heart
Best film on social issues: Champions
Best English film – Memories in March
Best Art & Culture Film: Leaving Home (Indian Ocean Film)

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V29634 260x195 MIGHTY MOVIE PODCAST at HuffPost: Tomm Moore on THE SECRET OF KELLS

I’m not sure when I first heard of THE SECRET OF KELLS. Probably last year, likely through AICN, definitely way before it wound up on the Oscar nominee list for animated feature (and everybody started going, “The what of who?”). At that time, the buzz was growing around this small, exquisitely designed film out of Ireland. Who imagined it getting any further than a small band of passionate geeks?

I got to finally see it courtesy of my friend Russ, who imported a U.K. region DVD and through channels too sinister to mention (I may be exaggerating a bit), had it converted to a U.S. region disk. The distributors announced press screenings not too long after, but I still felt Russ was well-justified in going to all that the effort. Over at Cinefantastique, we like to champion films with “a sense of wonder,” and THE SECRET OF KELLS meets that standard on nearly every front. Beautifully animated — imagine the simple but expressive designs of Genndy Tartakovsky (SAMURAI JACK; STAR WARS: CLONE WARS) wedded to the elaborate illuminations of the Book of Kells — and imbued with that rarefied magic that seems the sole domain of Ireland, the film well-earned its buzz, not to mention the Oscar nom and hopefully a growing audience as it is rolled out across the U.S. in the next few months.

I got to talk to KELLS’ Tomm Moore — who directed the film with Nora Twomey — a few days after the Oscar ceremonies, and we delved into matters both cultural and technical, as well as discussed the current state of the animation industry in Ireland. Click on the link to hear the interview.


`The Monster Squad’ Is Back In Action

k16746 260x195 `The Monster Squad Is Back In Action

Paramount Pictures is remaking the 1987 film The Monster Squad. Rob Cohen, who produced the original, hopes to direct the remake. Cohen will produce with Platinum Dunes partners Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, and they’re meeting with writers.

A group of kids who worship the classic monsters suddenly discover that Dracula is in town, and he’s got his pals Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Gill Man and The Mummy with him. The kids must stop their efforts to find an amulet that will give the creatures control of the world. Sounds a bit cheesy, but the film is beloved by fanboys.

The script was written by Fred Dekker and Shane Black before Lethal Weapon made the latter Hollywood's highest paid writer of the 1990s. Cohen was one of the producers on that film and many others before he transitioned to the director's chair. The film is at Paramount after Platinum Dunes moved there last fall.


Tim Burton to take on Adam’s Family

a15880 260x195 Tim Burton to take on Adam’s Family

Now this seems like another perfect creative match. Hollywood Deadline is reporting that Tim Burton will direct a stop motion 3D adaptation of the Adam’s Family. Universal will distribute the movie through their parent company Illumination Entertainment. Tim Burton is currently underway on his second stop motion feature Frankenweenie. The first stop motion film Tim Burton directed was Corpse Bride (he only produced and wrote the story for Nightmare Before Christmas, though it still carries his signature style). Instead of basing the film off the live action movies and television series in the 60’s, he will be going back to the core source material and illustrations for the Adam’s Family. Like Coraline, the film will be shot with 3D cameras instead of altering it in post production. Kevin Miserocchi of the Tee and Charles Addams Foundation will executively produce the film.

u24190 260x195 Repo Men is a bloody mess...in a good way | Shakefire.com

If you miss payments on your house, the bank takes it. If you miss payments on your car, the bank takes it. Should you miss payments on your organs, well, that’s where The Union comes in.