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As if Dr. Youn and Dr. Evans’ prognosis wasn’t bad enough, radio detection and ranging also spoke to another top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Sheila Nazarian who says, “In order to get this look, Kylie would have had multiple sessions of lip filler in a stacking technique.”… Continue reading ‘Ruining Her Face!’ Plastic Surgeons Warn Kylie Jenner To ‘Stop Now’ Before It’s Too Late

We take it Jon Bon Jovi isn’t a fan of the new Apple iPad? The rock icon has stirred a national debate about the future of the recording industry after […]

Pop wildchild Miley Cyrus was just 11 when she auditioned for the title role on the popular Disney Original Series Hannah Montana. She originally tried out for the part of Lilly Truscott, but her star qulaity shone through and the daughter of country crooner Billy Ray Cyrus quickly settled into the role of a girl […] Continue reading Billy Ray Cyrus Blames “Hannah Montana” For Ruining Family

It seems like yesterday she grew up before our eyes, a 12-year-old curly-haired girl tolling around 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Now 30, Chelsea Clinton is ready to take the next step in life: marriage. Sadly, this news hasn’t put everyone in a nostalgic kinda mood! A New York City bride-to-be who is getting married the […] Continue reading Brooklyn Bride: “Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Is Ruining My Life!”

Katy Perry has revealed that the World Cup has ruined her romantic life with fiancee Russell Brand, as he spends most of his time following games on TV. The singer has said that she’s barely spent any time with her husband-to-be, as he is fully focused on the soccer tournament in South Africa. Perry has […] Continue reading Katy Perry says World Cup is ruining Russell Brand romance