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Salman Rushdie has started writing the story about his decade in hiding from a fatwa. “I am writing it now. I found it kind of annoying that other people kept offering versions of it that were all bulls***,” The Australian quoted Rushdie as saying. It was on Valentine”s Day in 1989 that Iranian leader Ayatollah […] Continue reading Rushdie to pen his lost chapter

A Victorian MP has said that singer and songwriter Yusuf Islam formerly known as Cat Stevens, should be denied visa unless he retracts his threats against author Salman Rushdie.
“He said that Salman Rushdie should be killed,”” The Herald Sun quoted the Democratic Labor Party MP, Peter Kavanagh as saying.
“He later said that he was just […] Continue reading Yusuf Islam should be denied visa unless he repudiates threats against Rushdie, says Oz MP