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Has former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin given “The Twins” a bit of a surgical boost? This picture of the bestselling author/conservative darling and her husband at The 142nd Belmont Stakes in New York City last weekend has the blogosphere abuzz with whispers that Palin has undergone breast augmentation. What do you guys think? Do […] Continue reading Sarah Palin Breast Implants?

Scientific thriller Splice has Sarah Polley again in a radical role of a characteristically eccentric scientist who mixes human and animal DNA in order to a dangerous new creature named Dren.
In an interview, Sarah has said that she has never been comfortable in Hollywood where people always think of films and talk about […] Continue reading Sarah plays a radical scientist in ‘Splice’

Duchess Sarah Ferguson — “The Original Fergie” — has a perfectly good explanation for why she was caught on video accepting money in exchange for access to her the father of her children, Prince Andrew: She was drunk! And that’s precisely why she’d be the perfect trainwreck candidate for rehabilitation on VH1’s dead-in-the-water Celebrity Rehab […] Continue reading Duchess Sarah Ferguson On “Celebrity Rehab?”

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Britain’s Sarah Ferguson said her own self-hatred, mounting debts and “gross stupidity” led her to fall for a videotaped sting by a journalist in which she appeared to offer to sell access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew. “I’ve been a huge overtrusting, idiotic, stupid woman that went to look for the perfect situation, and that’s … Continue reading Sarah Ferguson tells Oprah gross stupidity led to sting

Sarah Ferguson says she had been drinking and was “not in my right place” when she was caught on video offering access to her former husband, Prince Andrew, for $724,000. The Duchess of York will open up about the scandal and her cash woes in an interview airing on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Tuesday. […] Continue reading Sarah Ferguson Tells Oprah: “I Was Drunk When I Tried To Sell Access To Prince Andrew”