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agents-of-shield-brett-dalton-chloe-bennet-skyeward-abc.jpgOne big surprise towards the end of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” episode 15 “Yes Men” was the revelation that Ward is not in love with May, but instead another female warrioress on their team — namely, Skye. Considering the SkyeWard pairing is one fans have been rooting for since the show’s pilot, it’s understandable why they would get excited about

Shahid AfridiPakistan’s One-day International captain Shahid Afridi has said that he is not fully satisfied with his team’s preparations for the World Cup 2011, which is to be co-hosted by India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. “I am not 100 per cent satisfied with the team’s preparations for the World Cup,” the Daily Times quoted Afridi, as […] Continue reading ‘Not 100 per cent satisfied with Pak team’s World Cup preparations’: Afridi

The woman film director Roman Polanski was convicted of having illegal sex when she was just 13 says she’s “satisfied” with Switzerland’s decision not to extradite the lensman to the United States for her 1977 rape.Polanski gave Geimer champagne and drugs during a photoshoot at the Hollywood Hills home of actor friend Jack Nicholson before […] Continue reading Samantha Geimer “Satisfied” With Switzerland’s Decision Not To Extradite Roman Polanski

With new movie and fiancee, pop singer Katy Perry, Russell Brand says he’s a satisfied man Russell Brand’s birthday is coming up — but he doesn’t want a thing. The comedian-actor, who turns 35 on Friday, says he’s “got everything I need.” Brand stars in the film “Get Him to the Greek,” which opens Friday, and is … Continue reading New movie and fiancee make Brand a satisfied man