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Little known fact: Katy Perry was thisclose to becoming Notch No. 4,563 on John Mayer’s very cluttered bedpost when British funny guy Russell Brand came along and swept the Teenage Dream singer right off her feet. Thank goodness for small favors, eh? If things had worked out differently the new Mrs. Brand might have tied […] Continue reading Russell Brand Saved Katy Perry From A Life With John Mayer

Parenthood’s tough — now try doing it in front of a camera with half of Cable Land tuned in on the edge of their seats. Talk about pressure! It’s a feat former teen heartthrob Mario Lopez will tackle on the new VH1 reality show — Mario Lopez: Saved By The Baby. From the hottest parties […] Continue reading Mario Lopez VH1 Reality Show “Mario Lopez: Saved By The Baby” Series Premiere Nov. 1

Case 39, Bradley Cooper, Renee ZellwegerReview in a Hurry: When social-worker Renée Zellweger adopts a demon kid with a penchant for making people hallucinate their fears and kill themselves, a lot of logic goes out the window. But…

Notorious StageDad Joe Jackson says that treating the King of Pop harshly as a child saved the future music legend from a life of gang violence. Ah — the ole “I Beat You For Your Own Good” excuse. Very clever, Joe.The controversial Jackson Family patriarch believes his tyrannical approach to parenting spared his nine children […] Continue reading Joe Jackson: “Beatings Saved Michael From A Life Of Gang Violence”

Approximately 600 Gone With the Wind fans, hailing from over 44 states and 13 countries, have rallied together to raise the $30,000 needed to repair five costumes from the Oscar-winning 1939 cinema blockbuster.The Harry Ransom Center in Texas acquired the costumes in the mid-1980s as part of the collection of Gone With the Wind producer […] Continue reading “Gone With The Wind” Dresses Saved & Set For Restoration Thanks To Fan Donations