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thequietones mv 6 The 10 Scariest Ghost Movies

For as long as there have been stories, there have been ghosts. So it only makes sense that there have been ghosts for as long as there have been movies.

Every other horror movie seemingly deals with the undead in some way, but ghosts are a special breed. They’re frequently just as pitiful as they are scary, aimless spirits who only seek to tidy… Continue reading The 10 Scariest Ghost Movies

Paranormal Activity 4

The Paranormal Activity film series continues with this fourth entry from Paramount Pictures and returning directors of the p… Read More


Audiences love a good ghost story, but the characters who never get enough credit are the ghosts themselves. They’re the all-stars who keep the story moving with a frightening arsenal of tricks: making doors open by themselves, creating footsteps in an empty… Continue reading Scariest Ghosts in Movies: 'Paranormal Activity,' 'The Candyman' and More (VIDEO)

Review in a Hurry: The devil is back for the umpteenth time to wreak havoc on shaky cams everywhere…It must be January at the multiplex. Aren’t we tired of all these demon possession flicks yet? Well, sure and truthfully, most of it is tired, but this found footage… Continue reading Movie Review: The Devil Inside, the Scariest (and Only) Mockumentary Horror Flick You'll See This Week

Here it comes: the year’s coolest holiday! No other American holiday calls for the appreciation of an entire GENRE of movies like Halloween does. Just take a gander at your TV listings—this year’s run-up to Halloween is absolutely sick with horror goodness. Below are your best bets for basic cable, organized into five spooooky categories.

Halloween (1978)

Wednesday, October 26 at 10pm | Thursday, October 27 at 2:30am | Saturday, October 29