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It turned out to be a day of surprise and amusement for students at Meridian Primary School, when actor Johny Depp visited them dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow. He broke off filming his fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean movie to answer a witty plea from Beatrice Delap, nine, who visited the nearby film set in […] Continue reading Johnny Depp’s surprise school visit as Captain Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp made a surprise appearance at a London elementary school after receiving a piece of fanmail sent by a nine-year-old fan. Beatrice Dunlap, 9, wrote a letter to Johnny Depp’s Pirates Of The Caribbean character Captain Jack Sparrow asking for pirate lessons. Then one day the school got a call – saying the Deppster […] Continue reading Johnny Depp Visits Young Fan At School

If you thought you were the only victim of bullies back in school, you are wrong – even stars like Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson and Eva Mendes were teased and tormented when they were younger. Chris Colfer, who is an often-bullied geek on ‘Glee’ doesn’t have to try too hard to act his role, because […] Continue reading Jessica Simpson, Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba ‘too were bullied at school’

Angelina Jolie and her children have temporarily relocated to a new home in Budapest surroundings. With Brad Pitt is filming ”Moneyball” in Boston, Jolie has taken the couple”s children with her to Hungary, where she just began shooting her directorial film debut. “Angelina has enlisted her children into (an) elite French-American school that they will […] Continue reading Jolie enrolls kids in school in Hungary

Sixteen Candles (High School Reunion Collection)

It’s Samantha Baker’s sweet sixteen birthday and no one in her family remembers the occasion. She’s a typical teen, enduring creepy freshman, spoiled siblings, confused parents and the Big Blonde on campus who stands between her and the boy of her dreams.Item Type: DVD MovieItem Rating: RStreet Date: 09/02/03Wide Screen: yesDirector Cut… Continue reading Sixteen Candles (High School Reunion Collection) Reviews