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“The future is now.”

That’s a line we hear pretty often these days, but it’s particularly applicable lately whenever you go online, turn on the television, or head to the theater. From the streaming coverage of the Philae lander’s touchdown on the surface of a comet, to the successful return of documentary series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, to the immersive adventures… Continue reading The Geek Beat: It's a Good Time to Like the Science in Sci-fi Movies

Step 1: Go to nearest thrift store and buy whatever cheap paintings they have depicting generic scenes of idylic Americana.

Step 2. Paint in something that doesn’t belong.

Step 3: Sell it to me, please. Because I want it. I want them all.

One of the people who does this is artist Dave Pollot, and he recently posted a new… Continue reading When Classic Sci-fi Icons Invade Old Thrift Store Paintings

Here’s your estimated 3-day box office returns (new releases bolded):

1.  Big Hero 6 – $ 56.2 million ($ 56.2 million total)

2.  Interstellar – $ 50.0 million ($ 52.1 million total)

3. Gone Girl – $ 6.1 million ($ 145.0 million total)

4. Ouija – $ 6.0 million ($ 43.4 million total)

5. St. Vincent – $ 5.7 million

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is a good movie. It is, unfortunately, not a great movie, which many science fiction fans were expecting.

And yet, this erratic, messy and massively ambitious film somehow feels more interesting because of its flaws. Its inconsistencies are worn like a badge of honor — Nolan and and his collaborators swung for the fences and fell short… Continue reading The Last Sci-fi Blog: Examining the Science Fiction Movie DNA of 'Interstellar'

Neill Blomkamp’s first movie was District 9, about a normal guy getting wrapped up in a badass sci-fi story about societal oppression filled with hardcore violence and some instantly iconic imagery. Blomkamp’s second movie was Elysium, another sci-fi story about an ordinary guy who becomes a badass, using hardcore violence to fight his way through a story about societal oppression.

The trailer for Blomkamp’s… Continue reading 'Chappie' Trailer: The Director of 'District 9' Has a New Sci-Fi Tale For You