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She’s been coming at us through the small screen for the past quarter century — and after all this time you’d think we’d know everything there is to know about The Queen of Talk Oprah Winfrey. Even the tough stuff. She was born to unwed teenagers, molested by a teenage cousin as a child, and […] Continue reading Oprah Family Secret

lindsay lohan9Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan will move to a secret location with her mother and siblings soon after being released from rehab. “Lindsay will be staying at a secret location starting January 4, with her family, mother and siblings. She also has the support of me and her other friends. As long as she doesn’t fail […] Continue reading Lohan to settle in secret location after rehab

Bea Arthur served up the jokes, making America laugh for decades on TV – but, as it turns out, the late actress also served her country in the … Continue reading Bea Arthur’s Secret Marine Corps Past Revealed?

Kate Winslet1Kate Winslet invited ‘Blue Valentine’ star Michelle Williams on a private dinner, where the ‘Titanic’ star revealed her love for Williams. “From a distance, I feel as though I”ve actually been having a secret love affair with Michelle,” the New York Post quoted Winslet as she introduced the movie. “She and I are quite intimate […] Continue reading Kate Winslet”s ‘secret love’ for Michelle Williams

Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed that she follow a radical detox plan simply called Clean to keep herself fit. “I have turned many of my friends on to this programme and each one has experienced profound benefits, from weight loss to mental clarity to the end of chronic depression,” the Sun quoted her as saying. “It […] Continue reading Gwyneth Paltrow’s fitness secret – detox