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Revenge is a dish best served in the public eye.

Bethenny Frankel was forced to settle her bitter custody battle with her estranged husband Jason Hoppy, and radio detection and rangingOnline.com has exclusively learned that while she is “seething mad” about having to come to a deal with him but was “pleased” about getting her zingers in on the stand.

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Eighties child star Corey Feldman is livid that Corey Haim, his best friend and co-star in teen classics like The Lost Boys, was conspiciously missing from the annual In Memoriam […] Continue reading Corey Feldman Seething Over Corey Haim Oscar In Memoriam Snub

Comedian Tracy Morgan may count The Palin Women among the best “masturbation material” available on the Web, but one neighborhood in Maricopa, Arizona is anything but ecstatic about the pending arrival of one of America’s most controversial political families. Palin’s oldest daughter — 20-year-old Bristol Palin — is hightailing it out of the clan’s homebase […] Continue reading Maricopa Neighborhood Seething Over Arrival Of Bristol Palin

Cougar Town actress Courteney Cox is reportedly livid that she and her popular ABC dramedy were completely shut out of the 2011 Golden Globe nominations. Cox — who famously never received a single Golden Globe or Emmy nod during her 10-season run on NBC’s smash comedy Friends — hit the roof when Hollywood bigwigs glossed […] Continue reading Courteney Cox “Seething” Over “Cougar Town” Golden Globe Snub