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Fans have an entire season of Grey’s Anatomy to watch before they have to say goodbye to Cristina Yang. And though some may be dreading the farewell, Sandra Oh, who announced yesterday that she intended to leave the ABC drama at the end of the tenth season, is simply grateful to know the show has enough time to prepare a proper exit for the beloved surgeon.

“It’s really… Continue reading Sandra Oh talks ‘Grey’s’ exit, jokes about Cristina’s uncertain fate: ‘They could send her to the moon’

Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux holiday card PCN Tis The Season! Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Send Out Joint Holiday Cards

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By radio detection and ranging Staff

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are wasting no time establishing themselves as a Hollywood power couple!

Making the most of their first holiday season as a couple, the attached at the hip duo, who have been dating for a little over half a year, recently got into the holiday spirit and sent out joint… Continue reading Tis The Season! Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Send Out Joint Holiday Cards

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez (Or as we affectionately like to refer to them, “Justena…”) are on vacation in Hawaii this holiday weekend, only a few days after the teen [...] Continue reading Photos Of Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Hawaiian Vacation Send Twitter Into Frenzy

Jon Cryer is “jazzed” that Ashton Kutcher is joining ‘Two and a Half Men’.. . It was revealed yesterday (13.05.11) the ‘Punk’d’ star was joining … Continue reading Jon Cryer, Charlie Sheen send congrats to Kutcher

A defiant Wesley Snipes sat down with Larry King on Tuesday night to talk about his tax-related conviction and his three-year jail sentence that is… Continue reading Wesley Snipes Weighs Options: 'Don't Send Me Up the River, Yet'