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His demands? First, the attorney says Edmonds must retract her statements that Ayers is “faking” his cancer. Second, she must say that any claims he forged his record are false. And third, she must say she has “no personal knowledge” of his condition. All of these statements must be made “on national television,” the attorney insists… Continue reading Shut Up Or I’ll Sue! Brooks Ayers Sends Meghan Edmonds Legal Letter Over Cancer Fakery Comments — ‘RHOC’ Star’s Threats Exposed

Short Rounds is a bi-weekly column dedicated to spreading the love of short film. Every other Wednesday we’ll curate a number of flicks around a theme, from current Film Festivals to whatever is in the air. You know you’ve got the time 

The line between short film and music video has always been a bit blurry. A distinction can’t really be drawn based on content: there… Continue reading Short Rounds: Duran Duran's Glamorous New Film Sends Us Back to Music Video Classics

Gaga sends loyal fans pizza

Share . Lady Gaga has rewarded loyal fans camped out on the streets of New York with boxes of pizza as they await her performance on Saturday Night … Continue reading Gaga sends loyal fans pizza

This dress put Joan Collins in the hospital. You can’t pull off a lifetime of flawless glamour without a lil’ bit of pain. Just ask the immaculate Joan Collins! The […] Continue reading Skintight Dress Sends Joan Collins To ER

Steven Tyler’s decision to join the American Idol judging panel is the best thing to happen to Aerosmith’s album sales since the band performed the theme to the 1998 drama Armageddon. The animated rocker has become a sensation of the TV talent show, sending sales of the band’s albums through the roof, The Hollywood Reporter […] Continue reading “American Idol” Sends Aerosmith Album Sales Through Roof