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It was a Little Monster’s dream come true when YouTube sensation, Maria Aragon, of Winnipeg, Canada, joined her pop idol Lady Gaga on stage for a live performance in Toronto […]

Meet 10-year-old Heather Russell, America’s Next Top Web Sensation. The petite powerhouse from Atlanta is garnering views on the Interwebs this week with booming vocals that are already drawing comparisons to Grammy diva Mariah Carey and another YouTube star, Justin Bieber, AOL News reports. Russell — who is being mentored by Grammy Rob Fusari — […] Continue reading Heather Russell, Soulful Viral Sensation, Draws Comparisons To Mariah Carey

A series of successful remixes parodying his spot on a local news network, have earned viral sensatiion Antoine Dodson enough money to move his family out of the Alabama housing projects where his sister was nearly raped earlier this summer.There’s a man crawling into the beds of unassuming women as they sleep. Of course, […] Continue reading Viral Sensation Antoine Dodson Makes Enough Money To Move Family Out Of Projects

A Catholic priest who spreads the word of Christ from the comfort of his skateboard has become the Web’s newest viral star.Hungarian priest Zoltan Lendavi, 45, stars in YouTube.com’s “Funny Priest Skateboarding ” video. The bizarre clip features the clergyma talking to teenagers while doing tricks on his board. It’s all a part […] Continue reading Skateboarding Catholic Priest Becomes YouTube Sensation

Tiffany, the former ’80s pop sensation who topped the charts with “I Think We’re Alone Now” and “Could’ve Been,” defended Miley Cyrus’ sexier image… Continue reading 80’s pop sensation Tiffany defends Miley Cyrus