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Shameless: Hitting Rock Bottom

Shameless S02E05: “Father’s Day”

This week’s episode of Shameless celebrated Father’s Day as only Shameless can—with the body of Karen’s father, Eddie Jackson, being discovered in Lake Michigan. Unlike episodes of CSI that begin with a dead body, we already knew every detail of what had transpired. Thankfully, the show’s writers have a knack for remembering the loose ends we thought might have been forgotten. This time it was Frank and… Continue reading Shameless: Hitting Rock Bottom

Shameless: Welcome to Heartbreak

One of Shameless‘s best traits is its ability to balance extremely dark plot lines with lighter ones by juggling so many at once. This week’s storyline may have been the series’ most depressing one to date: Frank’s romance of Dottie Coronas was an extension of his usual goal of earning for himself at the expense others, but preventing Dottie from getting her heart transplant was, without a doubt, the worst… Continue reading Shameless: Welcome to Heartbreak

Shameless: Rinse and Repeat

Showtime’s Shameless lived up to its name in Season 1, starting with a pilot full of shocking behavior and never really letting up. While the violence and sex often felt forced — it’s Showtime, so here, have some nudity! — the show also developed a lot of heart as storylines focused on what the Gallagher family was missing, both materially and spiritually, and always required them to come together to… Continue reading Shameless: Rinse and Repeat

‘Shameless’ DVD extras: The cast talks about sex scenes! — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Showtime’s series Shameless is known for its sexy scenes, but what are the rules between the actors shooting those? The actors from the series — including Justin Chatwin, Emmy Rossum, Shanola Hampton, and Steve Howey — sit down to discuss the rules in the extras on the series’ DVD release, which goes for sale Dec. 27. EW has an exclusive… Continue reading ‘Shameless’ DVD extras: The cast talks about sex scenes! — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Emmy Rossum: 'Shameless' Traveling

Emmy Rossum pulls a Louis Vuitton suitcase and holds onto an animal print animal carrier as she catches a flight out of LAX on Tuesday (March 22).

The 24-year-old actress recently talked about the fact that her character on Shameless sometimes appears nude. She said, “to show a girl with kind of a to-hell-with-it attitude about her body – she clearly walks… Continue reading Emmy Rossum: 'Shameless' Traveling