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Nothing says “Eff U” to the ex like a bosom-and-ab-baring cover spot on a nationally-recognized magazine. Former Disney cutie Vanessa Hudgens is no stranger to stripping off for a roving […]

Pop singer Gwen Stefani3Pop singer Gwen Stefani is 41, and fit as a fiddle. But she admits she works very hard to maintain her toned shape. Stefani says it is “a daily struggle” to keep herself fit, and she follows a gruelling fitness regime to maintain it, reports dailymail.co.uk. “I work out five days a week, I can’t […] Continue reading Staying in shape a daily struggle: Gwen Stefani

Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara, 38, managed to wow photogs after they caught the actress/KMart designer sans cosmetic enhancements (ie: Blush, Foundation, Bronzer) on the New York City of Garry Marshall’s New Year’s Eve, but that’ll never happen again, if the lusty Latina can help it. “If I walk outside without lipstick, I feel naked,” she […] Continue reading Sofia Vergara Shape Magazine March 2011: “I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Without Makeup!”

New York tabloids aren’t the only ones that can have fun at the expense of NFL players and coaches. The respected Chicago Tribune ran a Thursday… Continue reading Chicago Tribune publishes Rex Ryan story in shape of a foot

Amy Winehouse is apparently putting every effort to win back her love interest Reg Traviss. And in this bid Winehouse has adopted a Rocky Balboa-style training regime. The singer is exercising like a boxer in her London gaff, running on the spot and doing 1,000 sit-ups a night. Amy – mocked up as Sly Stallone […] Continue reading Amy Winehouse getting in shape to woo Reg Traviss