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Grammy-winning singer Jewel will perform during the In Memoriam Tribute at this weekend’s 62nd Primetime Emmys Awards in Los Angeles — honoring the season’s best in television — event organizers said Tuesday.The Canadian crooner is expected to sing an acoustic version of her new composition, “The Shape of You,” as the Academy of Television Sciences […] Continue reading Jewel Will Perform “The Shape Of You” During Emmys Memorial Tribute

“I leave stickies on my computer with quotes from Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln to help me when I need a bit of motivation, but I always go back to Eleanor Roosevelt’s words: ‘It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.’ That literally applies to every part of our lives, doesn’t it?” […] Continue reading Kristen Bell Shape Magazine September 2010

From a rainbow-radiating hippo to a “dandy lion” and a protective helmet for a stand-up comic, celebrities have let their imaginations run wild to … Continue reading Celebrity artworks take shape

Actress Jessica Biel says she follows a strict diet regime when she”s working. “When I”m working I”m very strict. If I sugar crash in the middle of a 14 hour day, I”m done for. In that working environment I won”t eat bread, dairy, sugar, salt and not a lot of meat,” The Mirror quoted Biel, […] Continue reading Jessica Biel reveals how she keeps in shape

Abhishek Bachchan’s hairstylist Aalim had to flew back to Kerala every week to keep the star’s fair perfectly in shape in accordance to the demands of his character in the film. This can happen only in films.
The director of the film Raavan, Mani Ratnam wanted Abhishek to have short hairstyle so that it […] Continue reading Flying every week to shape Abhishek’s hair