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In the ever-evolving war between the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises, it’s now come down to William Shatner vs. Carrie Fisher in a series of video insults that do little except serve as proof of why we need to get Shatner and Fisher to star in their own dirty little sitcom right away.

It began back when Shatner was doing some random video interview and was asked about Star Wars.

shatnerturkeyvideo Thanksgiving Watch: William Shatner Teaches You How to Properly Fry a Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!

As you prepare to devour all sorts of good food later on today, you home cooks who are about to attempt the legendary deep-fried turkey may want to pay attention to the following video. William Shatner teamed up with State Farm to shoot a video about the proper way to deep-fry a turkey, highlighting the dangerous newbie problems people tend to face when they don’t… Continue reading Thanksgiving Watch: William Shatner Teaches You How to Properly Fry a Turkey

kirk khan shout WIDE 560x282 Only At Comic Con: William Shatner Leads Thousands of Fans in Epic KHAN!!!!

William Shatner is at Comic-Con promoting a couple of things, including his upcoming documentary, The Captains. During his panel the iconic Star Trek captain decided to lead the audience of 3,000 in one epic (world record breaking) KHAN!, recreating the equally-as-iconic scene from Star Trek: Wrath of Khan. (Related tidbit: Khan’s  costume from that film is actually on the convention floor for people to scope out.)

gyi0063302737 William Shatner Will Not Be in Star Trek 2We haven’t heard a lot on the ‘Star Trek 2′ front, what with director J.J. Abrams spending his time promoting ‘Super 8.’ However, William Shatner does have some news about the blockbuster sequel: he (unfortunately) won’t be in it.

Shatner. who was a little peeved about not getting a cameo in the first ‘Star Trek,’ announced his non-involvement at the Calgary Comic Expo during a Q+A session: “I have… Continue reading William Shatner Will Not Be in 'Star Trek 2'

Hey Hollywood, The Shat is officially up for grabs! EW has learned that CBS handed out pink slips to the William Shatner starrer $ #*! My Dad Says, along with The Defenders and the comedy Mad Love to make room for a new crop of fall shows. Says showed promise early in the season before its ratings started to  CBS cancels ‘The Defenders’ and William Shatner

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