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R&B star Brandy has admitted that she has not had sex in years. The singer and actress opened up to Life & Style magazine about her admittance on the October. 11 episode of the US Dancing with the Stars that she hadn”t been intimate with someone in six years. In the interview, the 31-year-old clarified [...] Continue reading Brandy says she’s not had sex in years

Taylor Swift has confessed that she’s proud of those songs that talk about her past relationships. “Every person I”ve fallen for, they”ve all been a song,” Usmagazine.com quoted her as saying. “That kind of justifies [the exes] being in my life,” she added. The singer said that some boys are scared off by her deeply [...] Continue reading Taylor Swift says she’s proud of songs about her ex-boyfriends

Paris Hilton”s beau isn”t the only one responsible for last night”s vehicular run-in with a female photog on the Sunset Strip, it has emerged. The shutterbug is actually admitting partial fault in the matter. The photog, Carol Williams, said: “I admit I am at fault as much as him” adding that she shouldn”t have been [...] Continue reading Photog says she’s partly to blame for Paris Hilton hit-n-run

Lindsay Lohan’s pal has claimed that the actress can’t control herself from taking drugs because she”s bored. “Lindsay does drugs because she”s bored,” Fox News quoted a pal of the actress as saying. “The only reason she’s ”fessing up about her drug use on Twitter now is because she knows that she has ”friends” that [...] Continue reading Lindsay does drugs because she”s bored, says pal

The always acid-tongued Kelly Osbourne has unleashed a scathing war of words on singer Dannii Minogue after The X Factor judge called rock n’ roll matriarch Sharon Osbourne out for being a tyrant when they were both judges on the popular talent show.In her new autobiography — Dannii: My Story — Dannii recalls her first [...] Continue reading Kelly Osbourne Rips Dannii Minogue: “She’s A Middle-Aged Devil!”