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Susan Sarandon, Sigourney Weaver and Jane Fonda, 64, 61 and 72 respectively, have posed in a variety of sultry poses for V Magazine’s upcoming, ‘Who cares about age’, issue. All three women look fabulous in the photos, while Fonda takes it one step further by draping her famous body over a table. Sarandon also spoke […] Continue reading Susan Sarandon, 64, says she’s comfortable in her saggy skin

Courtney Love thinks that she is getting hotter with age while her peers are getting older. The 46-year-old beauty revealed some facts about her beauty at the screening of her new flick ”Due Date”. “I am the smoker and the curser, but I am trying to learn about taking care of myself. I have friends […] Continue reading Courtney Love says she”s ”getting hotter with age”

Emma Watson didn’t know she was rich. The Harry Potter star, a sophomore at Rhode Island’s prestigious Brown University, is worth more than $32 million, but Emma says she was shocked when she found out she’s one of the highest-paid actresses on the Planet. The actress, 20, says her father sat her down two or […] Continue reading Emma Watson Shocked To Learn She’s A Gazillionaire

Mariah Carey has confirmed that she is pregnant and her baby with husband Nick Cannon is due this spring. “Yes, we are pregnant, this is true!” ABC News quoted her as telling “Access Hollywood”s” Billy Bush. “It”s been a long journey. It”s been tough, because I”ve been trying to hold on to a shred of […] Continue reading Mariah Carey confirms she’s pregnant

Lindsay Lohan’s latest attempt at avoiding rehab is crying broke. Well, you can never chastise the girl for being unoriginal! On Friday, Los Angeles judge Elden Fox ordered the Mean Girls actress to spend the rest of the year cleaning up her act at the Betty Ford Clinic in Palm Springs after testing positive for […] Continue reading Lindsay Lohan Says She’s Too Broke For Rehab