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revolution-graham-rogers-danny-death-stand-nbc.jpgDeath came to “Revolution” again in the shocking ending to midseason premiere episode “The Stand.” We’re only halfway through Season 1 and the show has already lost its second full-time cast member, now that Danny (Graham Rogers) has joined Maggie (Anna Lise Phillips) as casualties of the increasingly dangerous rebellion.

“I think it’s exactly the right type of shocking development that really ramps everybody up… Continue reading 'Revolution' midseason premiere shocker: Eric Kripke explains the dramatic ending (major spoilers)


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Last night’s episode of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars – aptly named “Misery Loves Company” — dropped one rather huge bombshell: Spencer (Troian Bellisario) finally discovered that her (now ex?) boyfriend Toby (Keegan Allen) is working for Mona (Janel Parrish) and the “A” team — a deception that she was just clued into, but that viewers have known… Continue reading ‘Pretty Little Liars’ shocker! Troian Bellisario, producers answer burning questions about ‘Spoby’ split — EXCLUSIVE

‘Jersey Shore’ shocker: Vinny does what’s best for Vinny — he leaves

3_vinny.jpgOkay, well, it isn’t so much shocking as, umm, predictable.

We love Vinny Guadagnino. But he totally brought down and otherwise perfectly fun episode of “Jersey Shore.” Turns out the guy has been battling anxiety since he was 16 and it’s bugging him pretty bad early on in his return to Seaside Heights. The guy doesn’t want to hang out with his roomies, he doesn’t want… Continue reading 'Jersey Shore' shocker: Vinny does what's best for Vinny -- he leaves

“I know what I’m doing.” —Dexter Morgan.

This statement should have been true—no, would have been true—if this were a better season of Dexter. Dexter Morgan’s sickly superior pathology has always been the focus of this series—his killer instinct, his heightened senses, his ability to remain several steps ahead of his co-workers, targets, and we the viewers. That’s the Dexter we tune in for: a guy who operates at the top… Continue reading Dexter: Shocker!


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The last time we spoke with Walking Dead executive producer Robert Kirkman he suggested fans might be “a little shocked” by tonight’s midseason finale, ‘Pretty Much Dead Already.’ The show very much proved he is a man of his word.

The good news was that the survivors finally found their precious Sophia (Madison Lintz). The bad? Their precious Sophia… Continue reading ‘Walking Dead’ writer Robert Kirkman talks midseason finale shocker