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3 vinny Jersey Shore shocker: Vinny does whats best for Vinny    he leavesOkay, well, it isn’t so much shocking as, umm, predictable.

We love Vinny Guadagnino. But he totally brought down and otherwise perfectly fun episode of “Jersey Shore.” Turns out the guy has been battling anxiety since he was 16 and it’s bugging him pretty bad early on in his return to Seaside Heights. The guy doesn’t want to hang out with his roomies, he doesn’t want… Continue reading 'Jersey Shore' shocker: Vinny does what's best for Vinny -- he leaves

Dexter: Shocker!

“I know what I’m doing.” —Dexter Morgan.

This statement should have been true—no, would have been true—if this were a better season of Dexter. Dexter Morgan’s sickly superior pathology has always been the focus of this series—his killer instinct, his heightened senses, his ability to remain several steps ahead of his co-workers, targets, and we the viewers. That’s the Dexter we tune in for: a guy who operates at the top… Continue reading Dexter: Shocker!

Walking Dead S2Ep7 320 ‘Walking Dead’ writer Robert Kirkman talks midseason finale shocker

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The last time we spoke with Walking Dead executive producer Robert Kirkman he suggested fans might be “a little shocked” by tonight’s midseason finale, ‘Pretty Much Dead Already.’ The show very much proved he is a man of his word.

The good news was that the survivors finally found their precious Sophia (Madison Lintz). The bad? Their precious Sophia… Continue reading ‘Walking Dead’ writer Robert Kirkman talks midseason finale shocker

By radio detection and ranging Staff

Rebecca Zahau, found hanging nude and bound from the outside of her multimillionaire boyfriend’s California mansion, also had a mysterious “tape residue” on both her legs and part of a T-shirt stuffed in her mouth as a gag, RadarOnline.com has learned.

The tape residue and gag were not revealed in Friday’s 90-minute press conference when the San Diego County Medical Examiner and San Diego County… Continue reading Rebecca Zahau Autopsy Shocker: Woman Had Mystery 'Tape Residue' On Her Legs

Hold on to your berets, Gleeks, this one is going to blow. Your. Minds. Power-mad series dictator Ryan Murphy has just informed The Hollywood Reporter that the show’s arguably three biggest stars—Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and Cory Monteith—will leave the series at the end of the upcoming third season. (Are you okay? Do you need water, some air, a paper bag to breathe into?) And here’s the clincher: Monteith is… Continue reading Glee Shocker: Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Cory Monteith Won't Be Back For Season 4