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Angelina Jolie will begin filming a love story this fall about two lovers who met at the brink of the Bosnian War during the 1992-1995 conflict … Continue reading Angelina Jolie to Shoot Love Story Set in War Torn Bosnia

Shakira is in hot water for stopping traffic in Barcelona.The Spanish city reportedly considering fining the Colombian singer for filming a music video without obtaining proper permits, The New York Post said Saturday. The singer attracted the attention of fans — and the authorities — when she shot a video in a bikini top and gold […] Continue reading Shakira Facing Fines Over Illegal VIDEO Shoot In Barcelona

Queen of Pop Madonna is apparently taking ages to shoot scenes in her role as director for new flick W.E. – which she also co-wrote. Sources have revealed that she over-analyses every single shot, resulting in some extra long days on location, the Sun reported. It took three hours to shoot lead actress Abbie Cornish […] Continue reading Madonna ‘taking ages’ to shoot scenes for new flick W.E

Oh look, it’s Jennifer Love Hewitt posing as a Catholic schoolgirl. Don’t get too excited, guys. The still-youthful actress, now 31, was only shooting scenes for an upcoming guest spot on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Decked to the nines in a checked school skirt, white blouse, and knee-high socks, J. Love almost […] Continue reading Jennifer Love Hewitt “Law & Order: SVU” Shoot On Streets Of Manhattan

Academy-Award winner Steven Spielberg is ”heading Down Under” to shoot a new dinosaur epic for the small screen. The director, renowned for his Jurassic Park movies, will work with the extinct reptiles again in ”Terra Nova” – an expensive series that will see scientists return to prehistoric Earth. Spielberg has chosen southeast Queensland in Australia […] Continue reading Steven Spielberg heads Down Under to shoot new dino show