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We still don’t have time travel or flying cars, but a surprising number of inventions featured in animated movies and TV shows are now real. You can chat with your boss via Skype (just like George Jetson!) and there are real-life Wall-E’s out there cleaning out oil pipelines as we speak. And how many of you felt like Kim Possible after you splurged on that Apple Watch?

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Who owns the Hulk

A lot of fans have been wondering when we’d be getting a new Hulk movie, and while the answer isn’t any more definitive today than it was last week, we at least know a few more details about who would actually be releasing the movie, if it were ever made.

We already knew that Universal, who put… Continue reading Marvel Round-up: Who Owns the Hulk, a Potential Spider-Man Shows Off, and Chris Pratt's Charm Assault Continues