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Review in a Hurry: Ah, young love. An “emotionally disturbed” orphan ditches his scouting troop to run away with the… Continue reading Movie Review: Moonrise Kingdom Simply Sings

Review in a Hurry: The Avengers surpasses huge expectations built up by the recent series of pretty great Marvel superhero movies. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and (best of all) The Hulk are recruited to save our tiny blue planet, and the ensuing action is, in a word, incredible.

With snappy… Continue reading Movie Review: The Avengers Is Simply Super

Short Rounds is a bi-weekly column dedicated to spreading the love of short film. Every other Wednesday we’ll curate a number of flicks around a theme, from current Film Festivals to whatever is in the air. You know you’ve got the time.

Telltale Heart Short

What, really, is the goal of a horror film? Ok, so there’s the obvious answer: to scare the living daylights out of the… Continue reading Short Rounds: Five Simply Terrifying Flicks for Halloween