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Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy “Thanks for your service…Now pay up!” is the warm welcome back to the USA a group of Afghan […] Continue reading Delta Airlines Slaps Veterans With Extra Baggage Fee

Leave it to Loca LiLo to poke fun at the mess that has become her life in the limelight. Just weeks after being released from rehab, fallen starlet Lindsay Lohan appeared in a sketch with host Chelsea Handler during the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night. While she didn’t work the white carpet […] Continue reading Lindsay Lohan Slaps Chelsea Handler In VMA Opening Skit

Jeremy London — the washed-up ’90s star giving Amy Winehouse an impressive run for her title as World’s Most Whacked Out Crackie — has served his mother, twin brother, and future sister-in-law with cease & desist orders.The former Party of Five star, 37, claims he was taken hostage by a group of men in […] Continue reading Jeremy London Slaps Family With Gag Order

When The Mistress Strikes Back: LeAnn Rimes Edition: LeAnn Rimes (aka “I Need You, Your Wife Must Die!”) has slapped the estranged wife of boyfriend Eddie Cibrian with a cease & desist order, demanding the jilted woman call time on her free court press with the media.The singer/actress began an affair Cibrian on the set of […] Continue reading LeAnn Rimes Slaps Cibrian Ex Brandi Glanville With Cease & Desist Order