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Most stories about NBC’s Smash can’t help but mention Fox’s groundbreaking Glee, but the producer of the upcoming musical drama says there’s little reason to compare the two.

Smash executive producer Craig Zadan, who has a long track record of producing musical projects, pointed out at NBC’s press tour presentation that Glee and Smash actually both owe each other some credit — even while noting they’re nothing alike.

“When we… Continue reading ‘Smash’ team: We don’t think our show is like ‘Glee’

ir2749 260x195 Review: Thor goes all hammer smash face on the mere mortals

"Thor, who is set to take over the crown from his old man, disobeys his father's orders and instigates an imminent war with the neighboring Frost Giants, big ole brutes that can manipulate ice and look like skinny versions of the demon from Michael Mann's The Keep. As punishment, Odin stripes Thor of his power (and his mighty hammer Mjolnir) and banishes him to Earth, where… Continue reading Review: 'Thor' goes all hammer smash face on the mere mortals

NBC is developing an hour-long pilot for a new Glee-esque series called Smash, a TV musical based on an idea by iconic lensman Steven Spielberg, who will be executive producing the whole shebang. Any new copycat show that tried to compete with Glee generally wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hades of eclipsing its awesomeness [...] Continue reading Steven Spielberg “Glee”-Inspired TV Series On NBC “Smash”

Runaway smash.

Critic Rating: . This one could be a runaway smash. The director Tony Scott achieves something close to the action movie in its ideal form with … Continue reading Runaway smash.

American singer Beyonce Knowles had a lucky escape when she opened her car door and it was ripped off its hinges by a London taxi. Beyonce with hubby Jay-Z was about to step out of the car and enter Harrods for some quick shopping. The black cab missed the 28-year-old singer by inches before hitting [...] Continue reading Beyonce’s lucky escape in London taxi smash