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Transcendence: Johnny Depp offers up a rare smile in the otherwise dramatic and suspenseful Transcendence, out in theaters on April 18. Several dozen new images from the movie have been released; these two are our favorites. [Warner Bros. via Collider]


Barbership 3: Ice Cube will star in Barbershop 3, reprising his role as the owner of a beloved neighborhood… Continue reading Movie News: Johnny Depp's 'Transcendence' Smile; 'Barbershop 3' Coming; 'Community' Movie Buzz

If anyone could help a man laugh off his blues, then surely Kylie Minogue is the woman for the job.. . The pop star certainly helped put a smile … Continue reading Red-hot Kylie greets Prince Charles with a big smile after his terrifying car attack

British songbird Lily Allen is planning a holiday wedding. Allen, who suffered a miscarriage earlier this month, is planning to tie the knot with builder boyfriend Sam Cooper later this year, London’s Daily Mail dished on Sunday. Prior to the miscarriage, Sam and Lily hadn’t seriously thought about when they would marry, yaps a source, […] Continue reading Lily Allen Engaged? “Smile” Singer To Marry Sam Cooper, Reports Say

US President Barack Obama finally had his Christmas tree delivered to his doorstep today, but he was reluctant to smile about it. The President was injured in a basketball match, which left him with 12 stitches in his lip. So when the large Douglas fir pulled up in a horse-drawn carriage on the north side […] Continue reading Why Obama couldn’t even smile when his Christmas tree was delivered!

Well, this is nothing to “Smile” about. British pop singer Lily Allen has suffered a miscarriage, more than three months after confirming her pregnancy. The 25-year-old star previously had a miscarriage when she was dating Chemical Brothers star Ed Simons in 2008. That relationship ended a short time later. In July, “The Fear” hitmaker revealed […] Continue reading Lily Allen Miscarriage: “Smile” Singer Loses Second Baby In Two Years