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Sofia Hayat,Sofia Hayat, a Britain-based singer-actor of Pakistani origin, rues the lack of professionalism in the Indian film industry, alleging some producers were unpleasant to her. India can churn out many hits like “Slumdog Millionaire”, says she, provided directors up the quality of their work. “I can bring more professionalism to the table. You need to […] Continue reading I can bring more professionalism to Bollywood: Sofia Hayat

Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara, 38, managed to wow photogs after they caught the actress/KMart designer sans cosmetic enhancements (ie: Blush, Foundation, Bronzer) on the New York City of Garry Marshall’s New Year’s Eve, but that’ll never happen again, if the lusty Latina can help it. “If I walk outside without lipstick, I feel naked,” she […] Continue reading Sofia Vergara Shape Magazine March 2011: “I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Without Makeup!”

SomewhereReview in a Hurry: Sofia Coppola gives us yet another movie about rich people lounging around opulent surroundings while feeling empty inside. This time, it’s Stephen Dorff as movie star…

Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara and Jessica Biel, whose acting credits include The A-Team and Summer Catch, join Lea Michele, Ashton Kutcher, Hilary Swank, and Robert De Niro as the latest Hollywood heavyweights to sign up to for an appearance in the ensemble comedy, New Year’s Eve, the sequel to 2010′s Valentine’s Day. The pair are […] Continue reading Sofia Vergara Jessica Biel Wanted For “Valentine’s Day” Sequel

Sofia Wilén has accused Julian Assange, pictured above, of rape Sofia Wilén has been outed as one of the two women who have accused WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange of rape. Assange was taken into custody today, and is fighting extradition to Sweden. We will have more pictures of Sofia Wilén as we find them, but […] Continue reading Sofia Wilén Pictures