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Ricki Lake scored this season’s first set of 10s on Dancing with the Stars Monday, but the talk show host was kicking herself for muttering something during rehearsal that ended up into Monday’s video package.

While practicing the paso doble to the Psycho theme, Lake got so frustrated with herself that she whined, “I want to quit, like I totally want to quit.” After her performance with partner Derek Hough earned a 29 from the judges, Lake… Continue reading ‘Dancing with the Stars’: Ricki Lake earns some 10s … and feels like an idiot at the same time!

There are fans and then there are super fans … and then there are people like 35-year-old Herbert Chavez who are so obsessed with someone they actually undergo multiple cosmetic surgeries to look more like their hero. Chavez, who apparently hails from the Philippines, is a beauty pageant trainer who’s been on this quest to look more like Superman since 1995. So far he’s had chin augmentation, rhinoplasty for Christopher… Continue reading Look: Some Guy Undergoes Multiple Surgeries to Look More Like Superman

Review in a Hurry: Ned just got busted for selling weed to a cop (What an idiot!), so he now must rely on the unkindness of his three self-centered siblings to survive. Paul Rudd is the dim-bulb bro to sisters Natalie (Zooey Deschanel), Miranda (Elizabeth Banks) and Liz… Continue reading Movie Review: Rolling Stoner Gathers Some Laughs in Paul Rudd's Charming Turn as Our Idiot Brother

Short Rounds is a bi-weekly column dedicated to spreading the love of short film. Every other Wednesday we’ll curate a number of flicks around a theme, from current Film Festivals to whatever is in the air. You know you’ve got the time

Sikumi Short Rounds: Beat the Heat with Some Icy Cinema

It has been an incredibly hot summer. Granted, for some of us any weather above 85 degrees counts as remarkably unpleasant, but… Continue reading Short Rounds: Beat the Heat with Some Icy Cinema

talihinaskypdkol2 Talihina Sky Director Says Kings of Leon Will Return to Kick Some Behind (EXCLUSIVE)
With the recent cancellation of the remainder of their U.S. tour due to “vocal issues and exhaustion,” a move that could cost them a cool $ 15 million, it’s been quite an interesting week for the family band from Nashville, Tenn., Kings of Leon. It’s hard to say what’s really going on behind the scenes with the Followill boys these days, but… Continue reading 'Talihina Sky' Director Says Kings of Leon Will Return to Kick Some Behind (EXCLUSIVE)