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While audiences are busy freaking out this weekend over the finale of the ‘Harry Potter’ saga, there’s another children’s book series that’s also arriving on the big screen: ‘Winnie the Pooh.’ Pooh, Tigger and the cast of animals that inhabit the Hundred Acre Wood go on another series of adventures with Christopher Robin, in new adaptations of the original A.A. Milne classics.

For their latest animated feature, Disney added a contemporary… Continue reading Zooey Deschanel on 'Winnie the Pooh' & Crafting a Classic Disney Song

Watch Title Song of Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap

The 2m 10s YouTube video has Bachchan singing the title song acapella in the background while bashing up bad men in the foreground. It has some old fashioned action sequences harking back to the days when Bachchan ruled supreme as Bollywood’s action hero.

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function cp_youtube_3eIjaKbb__Rw_fn(state) {… Continue reading Watch Title Song of Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap

Lady Gaga’s chart-topping single Bad Romance has been declared the most-played song of the past year.. . The track picked up the most radio airplay … Continue reading Gaga Bad Romance 'most played song'

New Kingsley Song

Kingsley have released “Greed” as the newest single off their latest album, Digital Providence, which was Jeff Kanan (No Doubt, National Product … Continue reading New Kingsley Song

Oh look, it’s Mr. Spock. So much for retirement! We haven’t seen much of pointy-earred Fringe actor Leonard Nimoy since her announced his retirement for showbiz in 2010 and faded […] Continue reading Leonard Nimoy Makes Cameo In Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song” VIDEO