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What to watch on Tuesday, November 8…

We all know that you were kicked out of the NBA for gaining 170 pounds during the off-season and you’ve spent much of your time since then dwelling on past regrets. But now is your chance to get yourself back on the path to winning by… Uh, watching TV! Specifically these items:

8pm, FOXGleeIt’s here, the much anticipated (?) virginity-losin’ episode! In “The First Time,”… Continue reading What to Watch Tonight: Glee, Parenthood, and Sons of Anarchy

ruth madoff 300 Madoff Scandal: Ruth Blames Herself for Sons Suicide

Bernard and Ruth Madoff, in 2008

Splash News Online

Having already revealed she and her Ponzi schemer husband Bernard Madoff attempted suicide – a claim Bernard initially disputed from his prison

What to watch on Tuesday, October 11…

Someone must’ve taken their finger out of the dyke because new shows continue to FLOOD in!

SERIES PREMIERE, 8pm, ABCLast Man StandingAll your letter-writing campaigns and online petitions have finally paid off! Tonight Tim Allen returns to primetime with a refreshing new take on Home Improvement: DAUGHTERS. In tonight’s premiere, manly man Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) accidentally becomes an internet celebrity when his YouTube rant… Continue reading What to Watch Tonight: Parenthood, Sons of Anarchy, and Tim Allen's Last Man Standing

What to watch on Tuesday, October 4…

The weeknight train rolls ever onward, delivering another trolley-ful of TV goodness. (Not sure what any of that means.) Hey look, there are new things on television tonight!

8pm, FOXGleeWhen Mike earns an A- (a.k.a. an “Asian F”), his parents step in and threaten his Glee club commitments. Also Brittany’s campaign for class president shifts into gear and Mercedes challenges Rachel for the lead in… Continue reading What to Watch Tonight: New Girl, Sons of Anarchy, and the Premiere of Onion News Network

Show 101: Sons of Anarchy

Don’t worry, the show is in color.

SHOW: Sons of Anarchy

PREMIERES: Season Three starts on 5USA on Wednesday, July 20.

AIRS: Wednesdays at 10pm.

WHY YOU MIGHT LIKE IT: Sons of Anarchy might not be a household name, but some of the most trusted critics (like yours truly) in the business adore it. This tough-as-nails drama isn’t shy about anything–just like its creator Kurt Sutter (The Shield). The violence is… Continue reading Show 101: Sons of Anarchy