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In the scary-looking ‘Apollo 18′ (in theaters Friday), astronauts find they’re not alone on the moon, which is just about the last place you’d want to encounter the unknown.

Pity the poor astronaut. Even if you don’t land on a hostile planet, you’re still vulnerable to a great many horrifying things if you just stay inside your fragile little spaceship. As movies have shown us, when you sign up… Continue reading 12 Scary (and Not-So-Scary) Outer Space Thrillers

Review in a Hurry: Stalled horror concepts have been known to reboot with sequels set in space, often with success (Hellraiser: Bloodline, Jason X). Apollo 18 isn’t officially Blair Witch in Space, but it comes close enough to make us remember what we liked about the whole notion… Continue reading Movie Review: Apollo 18 Is Like Blair Witch in Space, but in a Good Way!

We choose to go to the moon — not because it is easy, but because it is the last place in the universe that can still rack up a body count.

‘Apollo 18,’ this fall’s creepy new horror film, does for the space race what ‘Blair Witch’ did for the woods. The “found footage”-style mockumentary claims to be the recovered footage of a top secret NASA mission to the… Continue reading Hear Them Scream in Space With the New 'Apollo 18' Poster (Moviefone Exclusive)

The cast of Supernatural took over the enormous Hall H at Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego Sunday and teased a season that will find the brothers Winchester “less powerful” than ever and possibly outer space bound. Of course, would you expect anything less from the show?

Here are some highlights from the panel and the press room:- The first episode picks up seconds after the season ended and Jim… Continue reading ‘Supernatural’ scoop from Comic-Con 2011: Bosses and stars tease Sam and Dean’s rough road ahead. Also, will the brothers face ninjas? Or go to space?

Billions of Lonely Planets, Adrift in Space

Is the galaxy full of orphans? . Enlarge This Image Under a Cosmic Magnifying Glass Close See More s . Astronomers said Wednesday that space is … Continue reading Billions of Lonely Planets, Adrift in Space