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This just has “No” written all over it…. The supernatural folks of Forks, Washington are getting a makeover, “Guido Style.” The cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore is spoofing The Twilight Saga in a new series-themed special airing on ABC next week. Why do we get the feeling Twi-Hards will not be pleased?Twilight Saga stars Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, […] Continue reading “Jersey Shore” Spoof “Twilight” For “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Special June 23

Victoria Beckham will lend her voice to a new SpongeBob SquarePants television special airing next month, Nickelodeon said Monday.The former Spice Girl shows off a curvaceous hourglass figure as mermaid Queen Amphitrite in a star-studded 30-minute episode titled The Clash of Triton. Beckham can’t wait to watch her appearance. “I was so thrilled when I was asked […] Continue reading Victoria Beckham “SpongeBob SquarePants” Special As Queen Amphitrite

New wave ’80s rockers Devo will join Snoop Dogg and Coolio as the music stars who have been animated for an episode of Futurama. The “Whip It” stars will celebrate the 100th episode of the cult show with a special appearance later this year.The futuristic Matt Groening series was cancelled by FOX in 2003, but […] Continue reading Devo “Futurama” 100th Episode Special

YouTube has launched a especial tool target at politicians to enable them in political campaigning at national as well as local levels. The Google moderator has been used in a varied way to host community town hall meetings. Google will launch to day a 2010 Campaign Toolkit and its upgraded version of Google Campaign Toolkit. […] Continue reading Special YouTube toolkit for political campaigns

VH1 airs Bret Michaels special, delays reality show

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) – VH1 will air a half-hour Bret Michaels special on Memorial Day in two weeks, but has pushed back the start of docu-series “Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It” due to the rock star’s recent health issues. “We have temporarily halted production on the series with Bret’s health as our primary concern,” said Jeff … Continue reading VH1 airs Bret Michaels special, delays reality show