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Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, CSPAN … Continue reading White House correspondents' dinner 2014: Watch Joel McHale's and Barack Obama's speeches

Screenwriter Scott Rosenberg reportedly scripted this 1996 slice of small-town American life while he was stuck in Boston one winter, awaiting word from Disney about his screenplay for Con Air. Craving something a little less explosive, he decided to write a story about his hometown friends and the way they dealt with their impending 30s and the notion of spending their entire lives in the same town they… Continue reading Our Favorite Speeches: Beautiful Girls

Network posterYou don’t need to have seen Network to be roused by the film’s iconic “Mad as Hell” speech. You don’t need to work in network television, live in the ‘70s, or face retirement. This scene transcends time, ripping the viewer out of the present and into that exact, electric moment when Peter Finch’s Howard Beale explodes.

The speech taps into the boiling experience of anger. Beale… Continue reading Our Favorite Speeches: 'Network'