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shadows What We Do in the Shadows Is a Vampire Spoof Movie That Finally Gets It Right

It’s kinda sad knowing an entire generation will grow up with stuff like Vampire’s Suck and Dracula: Dead and Loving It being their only idea of what a vampire spoof movie is or should be. Or any spoof movie, for that matter. It’s depressing knowing we have to go back decades to stuff like Airplane or Hot Shots in order to find the last great

Chuck Norris Out-Splits Van Damme In Video Spoof

Where Van Damme performs his split between two moving 18-wheelers, Norris went a huge step above and beyond.

Thanks to some very special effects, he’s seen doing a split between two jumbo jets while balancing 11 men on his head, stacked in the shape of a Christmas tree!

The vid is Norris’ Christmas card to all his fans.


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jason sudeikis introduces an opening short film Jason Sudeikis & Eva Mendes Spoof The Hangover

Jason Sudeikis introduces an opening short film as the host of the 2011 MTV Movie Awards held at Universal Studios’ Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday (June 5) in Universal City, Calif.

The 35-year-old actor and comedian opened the show with a pre-taped skit based off The Hangover. The skit spoofed the movie and focused on finding Twilight’s Taylor Lautner