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Top 50 Worst Ideas in Sports History

LeBron James has taken a considerable amount of flak for his lack of loyalty, lack of etiquette, and lack of tact in announcing to the world during … Continue reading Top 50 Worst Ideas in Sports History

Who needs a SuperBowl champion when you can snuggle up to a Sports Illustrated coverguy?! Dallas Cowboys star Miles Austin — who has been spotted hobnobbing with socialite vixen Kim Kardashian in the months since her split from New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush — is featured on the cover of the new issue of [...] Continue reading Miles Austin, Kim Kardashian’s New Boyfriend, Lands Cover Of Sports Illustrated

Uma Thurman confirmed that she was back with Swiss businessman beau Arpad Busson by attending his son”s school sports day on Tuesday, and that too alongside the tycoon”s ex-girlfriend Elle Macpherson. The ‘Kill Bill’ star announced plans to marry the London-based multi-millionaire in 2008 after a year of dating, but they called the romance off [...] Continue reading Thurman confirms Busson reunion by attending son’s sports day event

10 Sports Coaches Going Freaking Nuts

Everyone has their threshold – but in the high pressure, results-driven world of sport, the temper of a testosterone-fuelled man can easily be pushed beyond its normal limits. We’re not talking about the players either. Coaches are legendary for some pretty extreme examples of going just a wee bit crazy, whether at press conferences or [...] Continue reading 10 Sports Coaches Going Freaking Nuts

Sports Books vs The Movies They Inspired

Ua8416 260x195 Sports Books vs The Movies They Inspired

Many sports movies, just like many movies of all kinds, find their origin in novels that have been largely forgotten. Instead of just accepting this as the new world order however, we want to give the books a fighting chance.