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The Duchess of York, who recently admitted she was on the brink of bankruptcy, has been forced to make her staff redundant, it was reported.. . The … Continue reading Duchess of York staff 'redundant'

She’s been dubbed one of the world’s sexiest vegans, but Leona Lewis’ acrimonous relationship with meat could leave the English powerhouse without a support staff.Lewis’ tour crew are threatening to quit the show over the singer’s “No Meat Near Me” Policy. Leona — who has been a strict vegetarian since the age of 12 — […] Continue reading “Diva” Leona Lewis Vegetarian Policy Angers Staff

Simon Cowell recently surprised the ‘American Idol’ staff by showering them with expensive gifts stuffed with cash.
Cowell, who is known for his ill temper, pleasantly surprised behind-the-camera crew on the last day of filming for his final series of the show.
The music mogul gifted them expensive wallets and handbags packed with cash.
“The men got expensive […] Continue reading Simon Cowell surprises ‘American Idol’ staff with expensive gifts

TV host Oprah Winfrey’s employees call her ‘Mary’, it has emerged.
The staff, on the set in Chicago, sticks to calling her “Ms. Winfrey”, but outside, she’’s known by the code name “Mary, ” according to her biographer Kitty Kelley.
“That way, when they”re talking about her, and someone overhears the conversation, no one knows they”re referring […] Continue reading Oprah Winfrey’s ‘secret code name’ – Mary

For the past two months, all the newspapers are having something to write about Tiger woods’. After his much publicized car accident and his return to the professional tour the news that is making headlines nowadays is that Tiger and his wife Elin is getting ready for a divorce.
The legal process has already started […] Continue reading Tiger’s Divorce Leaked through Elin’s lawyers