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Hobbit Starts Filming In June

b24762 260x195 Hobbit Starts Filming In June

Sir Ian McKellen, who will be returning to play Gandalf in the two Guillermo Del Toro-directed movie adaptations of The Hobbit, has confirmed on his website that the the films will start shooting in June.


t logo buzz 158x119 Thor starts filming in rural Galisteo New Mexico on Monday the 15th!!

According to Film In New Mexico Filming for the new Thor movie is going to be moving to Galisteo, New Mexico start filming this upcoming Monday. We have received word that filming in Sante Fe had started on the 9th. That may have already happened in Galisteo, or other areas.

This is the quote from the Film in New Mexico Twitter page. “THORMANHATTAN starts filming in rural Galisteo, NM on Monday. They built a new town, a friend got called for extra work. I’ll ck it out. ”

Hoping that security isn’t overly too secure to the point that bystanders and outsiders will not be able to take pictures and observe!! If you are in the area, or if you are from near by Sante Fe and you go check it out. Send us an email at admin@beforethetrailer.com and let us know what you see. If you get pics, even from a far send them in and we will post them and credit you for your hard work.

Everyone is excited. If you are an extra and want to share info, we will keep hush to who you are. haha

Click on the link for more information!!