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One unknown Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 victim’s privacy was grossly invaded by a U.K. news reporter- on live TV.

During a Sunday afternoon newscast from the Ukrainian crash site, Sky News presenter Colin Brazier was seen rummaging through a slain passenger’s personal belongings.

“We shouldn’t really be doing this, I suppose,” Brazier said as he nonetheless picked up what appeared to be a child’s water bottle, a toothbrush… Continue reading Shameful! U.K. Reporter Rifles Through Dead MH17 Crash Victim’s Luggage, News Station Later Offers Apology

Utah station refuses to carry ‘The New Normal’

new normal 320x240 Utah station refuses to carry ‘The New Normal’

Image Credit: Robert Trachtenberg/NBC

The same Mormon-owned Utah station that refused to carry NBC’s The Playboy Club last season is now giving a thumbs down to the net’s new comedy The New Normal.

The CEO of KSL-TV’s parent company told the Salt Lake Tribune that “from time to time we may struggle with content” and that the dialogue may be “excessively rude.” The… Continue reading Utah station refuses to carry ‘The New Normal’

Red Station Optioned

red station Red Station OptionedRed Station, the 2010 novel by Adrian Magson that launched his “Harry Tate” series, has been optioned by Benderspink, says a story at The Hollywood Reporter. The plot of the book is officially described as follows:

Harry is a former soldier, loyal Security Services (MI5) officer and a servant of the State. He does what he’s told, fighting the war against terrorism, drugs and high-level criminal gangs… Continue reading Red Station Optioned

All Sheenisms. All the Time. Now that’s what we call “winning!” On Saturday, Sirius XM introduced the world’s first 24-hour satellite radio station dedicated to the world’s new most popular [...]

 Charlie Sheen Heads To Haiti As Sirius XM Devotes 24 Hour Radio Station To His Antics
 Charlie Sheen Heads To Haiti As Sirius XM Devotes 24 Hour Radio Station To His Antics

Oh Ted….. Ted Williams, the formerly homeless viral star who captivated the web with his “golden radio voice,” was detained by the authorities Monday night after police responded to a disturbance at a Los Angeles hotel, Entertainment Tonight reported overnight. The new voice of Kraft and his grown daughter were detained around 9 PM PT [...] Continue reading “Golden Voice” Ted Williams Picked Up By Cops As FOX Station Searches For “America’s Next Top Homeless Person!”