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Some weeks ago, during Glee‘s Season 3 premiere, Sam Evans was ejected into the dark, Glee-less void with a single line of dialogue. This came after a tumultuous summer of will-Glee-or-won’t-Glee negotiations: Chord Overstreet, the actor who played Sam, was rumored to have been passed over for series regular status. Hurt and confused, Overstreet allegedly chose to leave the hit Fox series to “work on his music.” And the fans… Continue reading We Are Still Discussing Chord Overstreet's Involvement in Glee, Apparently

pauline kael 1283188929 Who Was Pauline Kael and Why Does She Still Matter?Pauline Kael is having a moment. The legendary New Yorker movie critic is the focus of three new books — an anthology of her work, a biography, and a memoir by one of her disciples — and the topic of debate among fellow movie critics and pundits at film festival panels. Not bad for a woman who passed away 10 years ago and… Continue reading Who Was Pauline Kael and Why Does She Still Matter?

bears vikings ratings 1016 TV ratings: Sunday Night Football down but still leads, Sunday X Factor also dipsFast national ratings for Sunday, Oct. 16, 2011

A blowout win for the Chicago Bears over the Minnesota Vikings sent “Sunday Night Football’s” ratings down some this week, but NBC still scored the evening’s best ratings. FOX got big numbers from its late afternoon NFL game too, but those didn’t help a special showing of “The X Factor” that much. Its numbers were not surprisingly below… Continue reading TV ratings: 'Sunday Night Football' down but still leads, Sunday 'X Factor' also dips

biggs sock pg horizontal%20(1) American Reunion Red Band Teaser Proves Old Jokes Still Work

Yesterday some photos hit from the upcoming American Pie sequel, American Reunion, and now today the red-band teaser has premiered over at MSN (watch it below). As expected, the teaser plays off one of the images from yesterday — as Jim (Jason Biggs) decides to fiddle his diddle when his wife Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) goes to take a bath. So he breaks out the laptop porn, the lubed-up… Continue reading 'American Reunion' Red-Band Teaser Proves Old Jokes Still Work

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore divorce WENN Demi Moore Still Not Talking About Divorce, Ashton Kutcher Cheating Charges


By Amber Goodhand – Radar Reporter

While reports swirl of cheating and an impending divorce between Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, neither have yet to release an official statement, radio detection and rangingOnline.com is reporting.

It’s been two full days since scandal rocked their marriage — when it was made public that Ashton allegedly cheated on Demi with 23-year-old Sara Leal after… Continue reading Demi Moore Still Not Talking About Divorce, Ashton Kutcher Cheating Charges