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Emma Stone joins Spider-Man cast

Advertisement . The sticky web of comic book crime fighter Spider-Man has caught a new gal for a new movie.. . Emma Stone, who has appeared in … Continue reading Emma Stone joins Spider-Man cast

Emma Stone For “Spider-Man” Prequel?

Will Emma Stone ride the Red-Head Wave of Success into a turn as Mary-Jane Watson in Paramount’s buzzed-about Spider-Man reboot? The Easy A actress is reportedly the first choice to play the love interest of web slinger Peter Parker alongside DeadlineHollywood.com has learned. Sony Pictures Entertainment “will imminently offer the role” of Mary-Jane to Stone, [...] Continue reading Emma Stone For “Spider-Man” Prequel?

The urge for peace is built into India”s psyche and its civilization. An Indian can be heard at any time to be reciting Om Shanti Shanti, as though peace would descend on this troubled planet by the recitation of shlokas. Nevertheless this is what every Indian desires. It is this Indian urge for peace that [...] Continue reading Stop pampering Kashmir”s stone throwers and separatists

Milla Jovovich felt “violated” playing tough sex scenes opposite Robert De Niro in new movie ‘Stone’. Apparently, the actress was in a flood of tears after the shoot. The ‘Resident Evil’ star admitted that her role as a manipulative convict”s wife in the gritty movie was one of her biggest challenges. The actress said that [...] Continue reading Milla Jovovich felt ‘violated’ getting intimate with Robert De Niro in ‘Stone’

The naked True Blood cover is a tough act to follow, but the cast of television’s 2010 Primetime Emmy winner for Best Drama are up for the challenge! The star of AMC’s Mad Men take fans behind-the-scenes of the show for the Sept. 16 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. For more pics from the Mad Men [...] Continue reading Cast Of “Mad Men” Rolling Stone Magazine Cover