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Joss Stone Becomes A Bond Girl

Joss Stone is the newest Bond girl. Not in a movie, but in the upcoming “James Bond 007: Blood Stone” videogame from Activision. Stone’s likeness… Continue reading Joss Stone Becomes A Bond Girl

Perhaps she was giggling about the time Diane Kruger nearly took her out on a Segway.. . Or maybe it was the moment on the red carpet when she… Continue reading What's so funny? Sharon Stone laughs so hard she cries as she has lunch in LA

R&B singer Joss Stone is the latest Bond girl, but only for the video gamers. A digital version of the songstress will star Stone as Nicole Hunter in the new video game ‘James Bond 007: Blood Stone.’ However, the Brit Award-winning artist admitted that she was not quite the archetypal Bond girl, saying she played [...] Continue reading Joss Stone is latest Bond girl, but for video-gamers

Just call him Dr. Ozzy! Rolling Stone has commissioned rock n’ roll’s Prince of Darkness — Black Sabbath legend Ozzy Osbourne — to serve as the publication’s new health expert.The former addict has abused every vice from alcohol to heroin and almost always seems to have one foot in the grave. Nonetheless, always gory and [...] Continue reading Ozzy Osbourne Rolling Stone Magazine Health Columnist

Black Sabbath lead vocalist Ozzy Osbourne is set to pen a health column for three issues of Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone has a page up on its Web site where readers can submit a health query to Ozzy, 61, and selected answers will be published in the magazine’s July 23rd, August 6th and August 20th [...] Continue reading Ozzy Osbourne turns health columnist for Rolling Stone