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The mass killing at Sandy Hook Elementary School could have been avoided if doctors, teachers and family members had addressed Adam Lanza’s “profound emotional disabilities,” according to an official study released Friday.

Connecticut’s Office of the Child Advocate spent two years identifying how red flags were ignored and opportunities missed long before the December 2012 assault in which Lanza, 20, killed 20 young students and six teachers before turning… Continue reading Could Adam Lanza Have Been Stopped? Sandy Hook Report Cites Missed Chances To Avoid School Massacre, Cites ‘Parental Denial’

Former wild child Kelly Osbourne has revealed that giving up on drugs made her gain weight. The former junkie told Piers Morgan in a chat how she tried every drug except crack after being raised with addict dad Ozzy, 61, in the house, reports the Daily Star. Her habit was so bad she contemplated suicide […] Continue reading I got really fat because I stopped doing drugs, says Kelly Osbourne

The budding toy-business has stopped George Lucas from ending his ”Star Wars” on a sad and dark note says the film”s original producer, Gary Kurtz. Kurtz said that Lucas had originally planned a much darker ending to ”Return of the Jedi”-the last instalment in the series. “We had an outline and George changed everything in […] Continue reading Toy sales stopped ”Star Wars” dark ending

‘Fantastic Four’ star Jessica Alba is said to have been stopped by the police for allegedly speeding while driving through Los Angeles. Alba, 29, was driving her luxury Yukon sports utility vehicle when a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officer pulled her over in Beverly Hills on August 11, the Daily Star reported. According to […] Continue reading Jessica Alba ‘stopped by cops for speeding’