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They sure clean up nice.

Just shy of the Sept. 19 Season 13 premiere, ABC has released an extra-long promo featuring the 12 new “Dancing With the Stars” cast members.

So what can we gather — aside from the fact that Ron Artest looks no different as Metta World Peace? 

Well, a few of these competitors are already starting to look the part. Kristin Cavallari and David Arquette, in particular… Continue reading Ron Artest (Metta World Peace) and co. strut in new 'Dancing With the Stars' promo

The “Dougie” is so 2000-late. There’s a new celeb-inspired dance craze that hopes to be all the rage at your next Halloween or Hanukkah party. Are you ready for the Leo Strut? Half Electric Slide with a splash of the “Hokey Pokey,” the “brand new dance move” is the brainchild of “viral rapper” Jay Kila, […] Continue reading Leonardo DiCaprio Dance “Leo Strut”