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You hear a lot of bad things about how movies influence people – violent films inspire school shootings and the like – so it’s always sweet when we can provide proof of the opposite. The following video does just that. Get your tissues ready because it’s about to get a little dusty in here.

Musharaf Asghar attends school at the Thornhill Academy in England. He appears… Continue reading Watch This Teacher Use 'The King's Speech' to Change One Student's Life Forever

still from The HappeningThey often say that life imitates art, but a recent news story about a group of Cambodian students attempted to take that maxim to a frightening extreme.

Website iO9 reports that 136 students at a Cambodian high school passed out while being forced to stand at attention as punishment for failing to show the proper respect for the national flag. That in itself isn’t… Continue reading Life Imitates 'The Happening' as Cambodian Students are Knocked Unconscious by Trees

Chat show queen Oprah Winfrey thrilled her students from her academy in South Africa when she introduced them to U.S President Barack Obama. The talk show host launched the Leadership Academy for Girls near Johannesburg eight years ago to improve education for local youngsters. And she has shown the project is still close to her […] Continue reading Oprah Winfrey introduces her students to Obama

South African students do Zulu dance for Shakira, a performer at World Cup kickoff concert A group of South African students showed Shakira how their hips don’t lie when they danced to the rhythm of the African drum Wednesday while the singer was visiting their suburban elementary school south of the city. The Colombian pop star came to the … Continue reading South African students do a Zulu dance for Shakira

Super 3o, the now famous coaching center of Bihar, has been achieving super success ever since it was started as a free coaching institution. In this year’s recently announced results of IIT-JEE, the free-coaching to the poor students has once again been most fruitful to the aspirants.
This year all the 30 students of […] Continue reading Super 30: releasing poor student’s dream