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Review in a Hurry: Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane delivers his first live-action feature starring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and a computer-generated talking teddy bear that’s just as foul-mouthed as the characters on MacFarlane’s shows So much of the film reminds us of those animated sitcoms that after… Continue reading Movie Review: Ted Is Stuffed With Raunchy Humor

A stuffed horse belonging to late cowboy actor and singer Roy Rogers has been sold off for 266,500 dollars at an auction. Trigger, the palomino horse which Rogers, who died in 1998 at age 86, had stuffed after it died in 1965, was bought by rural US cable television station RFD-TV, while his saddle fetched […] Continue reading Roy Rogers’ stuffed horse fetches $266,500 at auction