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Jared Fogle’s secret skeevy past is back to haunt him.

As police investigate the fired Subway spokesman’s possible connections to their child porn investigation, radio detection and rangingOnline.com can exclusively reveal that his ex-wife, Elizabeth Christie, petitioned for a restraining order against the anti-obesity crusader in their messy 2007 divorce.

According to Indiana superior court documents obtained by radio detection and ranging, Christie— then known as Elizabeth Fogle— petitioned… Continue reading Subway Disgrace Jared Fogle’s Ex-Wife Filed For Restraining Order In Bitter Divorce: ‘He Became Controlling,’ Says Source

There is no shortage of great moments in Bob Clark’s holiday staple that would have been worthy of an improv performance. However, the crew from Improv Anywhere could only pick one – and they settled on the infamous “tongue frozen to the flagpole” sequence from early in A Christmas Story.

Rather than perform outside, our three young actors take the scene to a… Continue reading Watch the 'Christmas Story' Frozen-Tongue Scene Re-created on a New York Subway

There’s something very Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan about this first clip from Sharknado 2: The Second One, and it may have to do with its inclusion of a campy, over-the-top action scene set in Manhattan’s underground subway system. Remember this shot?

Anyway, Sharknado’s surprising success has of course inspired a sequel, this time set in New York City… Continue reading 'Sharknado 2' Preview: Watch a Shark Attack a NYC Subway Car

Another one bites the dust — or in this case, the cold cut: Subway has become the fourth nationally-recognized brand to pull its ads from airing during MTV’s controversial new teen drama Skins, which has been seeped in controversy over alleged child pornography and other risque subject matter since its premiere last week. Is Skins […] Continue reading Subway Becomes Fourth Company To Pull MTV “Skins” Ads

Posted rules don’t seem to bother most travelers, and the age-old common sense type don’t seem to register, either. These are the top 15 unwritten rules of public transportation — and they’re broken every day.

 Continue reading 15 Unwritten Rules for Riding Public Transportation (And the People Who Break Them)