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new conjuring trailer Box Office: How Did The Conjuring Scare Up Such a Monstrous Victory?Warner Bros.

It wasn’t just viewers who were scared out of their wits by “The Conjuring” this weekend; it was the big studios as well (save perhaps Warner Bros., which released “The Conjuring”). After all, this summer has seen several supposedly surefire blockbusters — movies with big stars, big action sequences, and big fan bases from previous installments — do big belly flops at the multiplex. (That includes… Continue reading Box Office: How Did 'The Conjuring' Scare Up Such a Monstrous Victory?

Kendra Wilkinson is showing lots of flesh to America every week on the ABC diving show Splash and she’s had some help dropping 10 pounds in 10 days and then keeping her body in amazing shape.

“People are saying: ‘I’ve never seen you look so good,’” Kendra said, adding she tells them that what she’s doing must be working.

And now we’ve discovered exactly what she’s doing to look so great.

PHOTOS… Continue reading Kendra Making A Splash With Her Amazing Body! How She’s Staying In Such Great Shape

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2012 03 20 MKothariProfile Why Did The Hunger Games Become Such a Hit in the United States but Battle Royale Did Not?By Monika Kothari, Anthropology and political theory student

This is going to be mostly speculative on my part, because I haven’t read Battle Royale, though it is somewhere on my list. I guess the answer to this depends on what you mean by a “hit”. I think that, taken in context, Battle Royale actually was quite a hit, but it never really… Continue reading Why Did The Hunger Games Become Such a Hit in the United States but Battle Royale Did Not?

The Closer spin-off may have been referred to as the worst-kept secret in entertainment this morning at the TNT/TBS Upfront presentation, but the lack of surprise has done nothing to quell fans excitement about the official announcement of Major Crimes. In fact, the show’s star (and Closer’s Capt. Raydor) Mary McDonnell says fans have much to  Mary McDonnell on ‘The Closer’ spin off: ‘It would be foolish … to try to recreate such an iconic character’ — EXCLUSIVE

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Anyone who considers themselves a real fan of Dancing With the Stars should have been disappointed to see Wendy Williams leave the competition — not because she was a decent dancer, but because it meant Tony Dovolani lost another chance at winning the mirror ball trophy. At least he’s not alone. Other fan favorites like  ‘DWTS’: Voting for your fave pro (and why it’s not always such a bad idea)

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