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Northern Sudan’s seizure of a contested border region is an act of war, a spokesman for the Southern Sudanese army said Sunday, raising fears that … Continue reading Southern Sudan says seizure of Abyei is ‘war’

Groups including the United Nations, Harvard University, Google Inc and an organization co-founded by actor George Clooney are launching a project … Continue reading Clooney, Google, U.N. watch Sudan using satellites

George Clooney is doing the rounds of Washington, D.C. to raise awareness about a possible political division in Sudan that may cause more civilian war in the already troubled nation. In a referendum that could divide north and south Sudan, he is reported to be meeting with Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) as well as President […] Continue reading George Clooney in D.C. to raise awareness about Sudan conflict

George Clooney has revealed that he faced an unexpected culture shock during his recent trip to South Sudan when a local woman “blessed” him by spitting on his head and hands. Activist Clooney travelled to the region with U.S. newswoman Ann Curry earlier this month (Oct10) to raise awareness about a brewing conflict in the […] Continue reading Sudan woman ‘blesses’ Clooney by spitting on his head and hands

George Clooney has been visiting Southern Sudan amid war worries in the region. . . . His visit came three months before an independence vote that … Continue reading Clooney in Sudan over war worries