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toy story, everything wrong with toy story, toy story sins“Toy Story,” Pixar’s first feature, is a film beloved by millions, but it requires a lot of suspension of disbelief. That’s where Cinema Sins (motto: “No movie is without sin”) comes in.

In less than nine minutes, the site breaks down its many beefs with the animated classic, chief among them the fact… Continue reading Here's Everything Wrong With 'Toy Story' in One Supercut (VIDEO)

To riff on Queen Bey, who runs the Internet? CATS. Maybe not literally — because if they could, who would need bloggers? — but their antics certainly fill the series of tubes which make up our online world.

Cats aren’t the easiest actors to work with, but some filmmakers managed to wrangle these divas into at least a few minuets of screen… Continue reading This Supercut of Cats in Movies Will Help Your Humpday (VIDEO)

I caught Alec Baldwin in a public service announcement on NBC the other day, and at the end of it, that familiar ‘90s catchphrase, “The More You Know,” splashed across the screen, followed by its glittering comet of enlightenment. To be honest, I don’t even remember what the wise, old Alec was teaching me. What stuck with me instead was the nostalgia it elicited for the PSAs of my youth… Continue reading Watch a Very Special Supercut of "Very Special Episodes" from the '80s and '90s (VIDEO)

Check out this three-minute supercut called “Keep on Walking,” featuring a whole ton of movie characters walking (and running) away from the camera edited together so it looks like one long continuous shot. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s all set to Edwin Starr’s classic, “Twenty-Five Miles.” We dig it!

 … Continue reading Watch: Fantastic Supercut of Movie Characters Walking Away from Camera

In honor of the Fourth of July holiday, we know you’re looking for things to blow up in the sky. Most of you will take that explosive (pun intended) energy to the movies and see Transformers: Dark of the Moon at some point over the holiday weekend. But for those of you who need even more video of people blowing things up, may we direct you… Continue reading Happy Fourth of July Weekend! Watch Hollywood Blow Up Bridges in This Explosive Supercut